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Design Services

Lisa Ann Brown has experience of 30+ years designing and decorating homes and spaces. Whether she is designing an entire home or the smallest space, Lisa prioritizes cost-cutting and loves working with pre-existing possessions to create a look that reflects the client's lifestyle and is functional to them as well.  Lisa has experience working with many decorative styles and specializes in working with vintage/antique pieces to create the most charming results.  

What we Offer

Lisa and the team at the Red Barn Market provide multiple interior design services, including:

  • Design Consulting

  • Upcycling Projects

  • interior painting 

  • Custom Furniture Painting 

  • Sourcing of custom items


Here's what we've been working on

Susie's Home in Sarasota Florida 

 The new quilt really brings out the greens and natural browns to add some warmth in the room


Let's Work on a Project Together.


Email Address*


Are you interested in starting a project? Need help designing your dream space? 

We would like to assist you! Please leave us a message about what ideas you have or want to explore, and we will provide our expert advice! 

Feel free to also give us a call at either of our numbers:

C: 207-431-9727

H: 207-635-3253

Rates start at $35 /hour. 

If you would like to contact us about something else, please use the Contactpage on this website.  

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